77 Strategies for Life 1.09

77 Strategies for Life 1.09



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Date Added:31 August, 2014

Author: Colourstory Ltd

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Picture yourself five years from now and how you envisage your ideal life.
Maybe you have made mistakes in the past that could have been avoided had
you known what you now know. Imagine what it would be like if you could
avoid any more of those past costly mistakes.

You were born with a clean slate but life has programmed you. Parents,
teachers, peers, colleagues and life™s experiences have all had a go at
moulding you. Some lessons learned may be good but some not so good.

Wouldn't it be great if you knew some really useful strategies to use in your
daily life?

Lessons are often painfully learned and can be costly, so why not learn from
other people™s experiences? Wouldn't it be great to avoid their mistakes in
your own life?

Imagine having the wisdom to choose wisely in every situation.
If you take the following lessons on board and understand their value, your life
will run more smoothly. You will gain the happy and successful life you want
and deserve.

Using the cards on a daily basis will enable these life lessons to become part
of your everyday thinking. If there is a particular problem that is troubling you,
hold it in your mind and choose a card at random. See if the message it bears
is one you can utilise in your current situation.

This is the first inspirational deck in the `Life Mastery Series.' The attractive
deck of 77 cards features messages that will help you successfully navigate
your way through life.


77 individual cards, each with an important life lesson
As the cards flow across the screen choose one at random
Shuffle the cards allowing the universal energy to work
Flip the cards over to read each message

Christine Sherborne is the author of ˜The Quantum Factor Life
Enhancement Series' of hypnosis audios; `The Law of Attraction Discovery
Series' in audio and book form, and the eBook, ˜God and the Quantum
Factor.' Her most recent work is the Life Mastery Series in App form.
For more information visit her web site at http://colourstory.com/

Please note all information and suggestions in this application are effective tools for
change but are not a substitute for either physical or mental care by professionals.
If you have any concerns, or are undergoing any kind of medical or psychiatric care
please consult your doctor or mental professional and use this application under their
supervision. Neither Colourstory Pty Ltd or the author take any responsibility for any
outcome that may occur from using any part of this application.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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